Membership Care

We provide the "little things" that our church family may need: From birthday cards sent to our senior members, to flowers for members who have been hospitalized or are sick, to meals for those recovering from surgery or for those who have recently given birth.

By our thoughts, actions, and prayers, we try to take care of our members, and let them know that they are remembered. There is no set meeting time nor place. Anyone can sign up to donate a meal when there is a need.

Prayer Chain

The Prayer Chain is a group of quiet warriors who dedicate daily prayers to special concerns among the congregation and community. Send an email to the church office ( if you have a request for the prayer chain. A phone prayer chain list and an e-mail chain list help her and Pastor inform those who will dedicate time in prayer for the needs brought to their attention.

Prayer Chain is open to anyone at Hopeland UM Church. There are no meetings, as this can be done from your home.


This is an outreach to shut-ins so they know and feel that they are still part of the church family. We welcome anyone who enjoys visiting and sharing time and a listening ear to those who are unable to attend church.