Past Sunday Messages
God Weighs A Lot—Mark 9:2-29
March 19, 2024

Pastor Russ discusses Mark 9 in his last sermon. He explains that God’s presence is heavy, since we make an obligation to him when we devote our lives to being Christians, but Jesus makes him approachable to us. The Transfiguration 2 After six days Jesus took Peter, James, and John with him and led them up […]

Christ in Secret – Matthew 16:13-20
August 21, 2023

8/20/23 – Pastor Paul preaches on Matthew 16:13-20, focusing on the confusion surrounding Jesus’ identity, both during Jesus’ day and ours. Jesus asks each and every one of us, both believer and nonbeliever, who we think He is and our response to that question makes all the difference for our eternal destiny.